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Welcome to Club Ichi!

The #1 community for corporate event professionals and the people who support them.

Gather 'round the campfire!

Welcome to the #1 community for corporate event professionals! Nearly a thousand industry professionals share tactical advice, ask and answer questions, and exchange ideas about what's working and what's not in the corporate event landscape from trade shows to conferences to field events to employee engagement programs. 

Club Ichi has become the top sounding board for corporate event professionals and the ecosystem of suppliers who support their success. From resources to advice to help with the job hunt, this community is hands-on and ready to help you succeed. 


You belong here.

What does Ichi mean?

Ichi-go ichi-e is a Japanese phrase that means "one moment, one time." And isn't that exactly what we create at our events?

We are all in this together. We are one. We are Ichi. 

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