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Welcome to
Ichi Academy

Because there is no college degree for B2B Event Marketing.

Ichi Academy is designed by and for B2B event marketers for the express purpose of helping you advance in your career. Future-proof your job by learning from experts in the field and leave with a solid understanding of core concepts, plus an actual completed worksheet that ties directly to your current challenges and future career goals. 

Classes are free for Ichi Insiders.


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For just $25/month, you get access to 1-2 live classes per month and a library of on demand instruction! (Plus all the other benefits of being an Insider!)

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Format for these classes is 30 minutes of instruction followed by one hour of hands-on workshop. 

You will leave the live class with actionable plans that have immediate impact. 

March 1, 2024

11-12:30p CST

Networking for Introverts

Instruction: Learn how to overcome your fear and discomfort when networking, the keys to turning networking into a repeatable system, and how to leverage your introvert superpowers to network like a pro. 

Workshop: You will leave with the ability to leverage the power of virtual and social networking to set yourself up for success, how to choreograph networking with planning and strategy, how to create serendipity, and a handful of easy conversation starters you can use immediately. 

Faculty: Stephanie Thoma

Author, Confident Introvert

March 20, 2024

10:30-12p CST

How to Build a 12-Month Event Strategy

Instruction: Learn the process for Discovery, Goal-setting, Getting buy-in, Budgeting, and Executing against the strategy. 

Workshop: You will go through an exercise with peers to craft an event strategy based on partial inputs from other departments. You will leave with a roadmap to create your own event strategy. 

Faculty: Nicola Kastner, The Event Strategist &

Liz Lathan, CMP, The Community Factory

Coming soon...

Creating an Event Measurement Plan

Instruction: Learn what to measure, how to measure it, and what to do with it. 

Workshop: Complete a worksheet to identify the types and sources of data your organization has and then work through your measurement goals and plot a path for how to gather the data you need and how to share the story the data is telling you. 

Coming soon...

Developing/Growing a Field Marketing Program

Instruction: How is field marketing different from regional marketing? How can you consistently implement programs across regions? How do you measure success? How do you scale the program?

Workshop: Evaluate your current program, identify the assets that can be "rinse and repeat" and the ones that need to be customized per program, identify the staffing and reporting needs required when expanding a field marketing program. 

June 13, 2024

11-12:30p CST

Storyselling for Solopreneurs

Instruction: Creating your story and writing stories that sell.

Workshop: Identify your sales goals and craft three stories that align with your goals. Practice telling your story and develop a plan for where and how to share it. 

Faculty: Nick Capozzi, Splice Video

Coming soon...

Tax Strategies for Solopreneurs in Events

Instruction: From setting up your business to deductions that are often missed to things to look out for when filing as a solopreneur, you'll leave with immediate ah ha moments!

Workshop: Identify what kind of business you have, complete a worksheet to identify what deductions you can legally take on your taxes, and identify any other income-reducing changes you can make to benefit your overall tax burden next year. 

Coming soon...

Cold Calling for Event Services

Instruction: How to create a sales script. Using humor to make your opening memorable. Getting your brain in the right place to do cold outreach.

Workshop: Write your actual cold script and role play with your peers to get comfortable with your outreach. 

Coming soon...

How Does Messaging Get Created?

Instruction: Learn the process of going from blank slide to strategic messaging deck and the path to create the event messaging that cascades across the event. 

Workshop: Participants will complete an exercise working together to craft an entire messaging deck for an event. 

Coming soon...

Aligning Your Events to the Marketing Funnel

Instruction: Learn the buyer's journey and how the objectives and content align with the marketing funnel. 

Workshop: Complete a worksheet to align your current events to the marketing funnel and ensure you are measuring the right outcomes for the part of the funnel that is being activated. 

Coming soon...

How to Create Sponsorship Packages That Sponsors Actually Want to Buy

Instruction: Learn what sponsors want to buy, why and when they might want to customize, and why and when they might just want branding.

Workshop: Participants will complete an exercise to build a prospectus for a conference and will share ideas created in their group for the group to learn from. 

Coming soon...

The Path to CMO: Chart Your Course From Event Marketer to Head of Marketing

Instruction: Learn what skills and knowledge you need to have in order to expand your scope into a marketing leadership position. 

Workshop: Complete a worksheet to identify your knowledge and gaps and chart a course for your career to gain the experience you need to move up the ladder. 

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