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ABM Micro-events: Your 2022 solution?

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

As B2B Event Marketers work to jump-start their event programs, are micro-events the near-term future for us all?

One of the great 2022 trends that will continue from 2021 is micro-events. These intimate gatherings are small in attendee count, but mighty in impact - and they work just as well virtually as in-person.

“According to a study by Forrester, companies have reduced marketing campaign costs by 40% using ABM, and sales close rates increased from 10% to 12%. ”

As the world tries to open up in 2022, but with the looming threat of Omicron dampening the spirit of the new year, many companies are postponing their in-person strategies yet again.

There’s a fine line between field marketing and ABM marketing, but both can leverage the same approach.

One ABM marketer created a series of ABM-focused virtual hospitality sessions for her client set around the holidays. Focusing on a theme of gratitude, they crafted small virtual gathering of fewer than 20 participants from each account to hold a roundtable conversation and to have some fun around a participatory activity like a cooking class live from Tuscany or live virtual tour of a coffee farm (complete with direct mail experience kits for use during the events).

They also created a memorable Star Wars themed “May the Fourth be With You” virtual event in May 2021 that included a wine tasting from Skywalker Vineyards and guest appearances by some of the creative minds behind the original Star Wars movie.

“These small gatherings take a fair amount of investment of our time and money, but with our sales teams being unable to host their accounts at group dinners and industry events this past year, we knew that we needed to do something to support their deeper relationship building to bridge the gap until they can get back together again,” she said. “We have found great success with these targeted events in 2020 and 2021 and will continue to budget for this strategy in the future.”

As companies move back to in-person events in late winter/early spring, micro-events are a smart way to bring human connection back to business. Whether they are hyper-local, with drive-in participation, or destination-based with a small set of participants gathering in a safe, mostly outdoor venue, event marketers are honing in on smaller-scale, more experiential gatherings that are half business, half pleasure.

Taken right from the pages of a field marketer’s playlist, think of a suite at a sporting event with a business presentation before the game begins… Now put an ABM spin on it by creating a repeatable event over multiple days (like hatchet-throwing or a suite at a Formula One race) where each account set can experience it together with their account manager.

According to a study by Forrester, companies have reduced marketing campaign costs by 40% using ABM, and sales close rates increased from 10% to 12%.

Enlisting an ABM micro-event strategy may help springboard your account relationships back to life, while adhering to ever-changing safety protocols and travel restrictions.

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